Thursday, 30 May 2013


Every year
we tear into the earth
and make space
with hope and patience
for something new to nourish us.
Every year, a mystery.

It seems impossible
that something as delicate as
a single seed
could overcome the odds
stacked against it.
But then, what do I know
about the integrity of soil,
the chemistry
of minerals and ions, or the strength
of tiny cells?

Ask the earth 
about love and loss. Ask it
how to carry on 
and it will tell you 

how heartbreak descends
like a landslide,
unearthing immovable fixtures,
shearing rock
from the surface of itself,
chewing apart time and circumstance 
and churning it out
in a wake of irrevocability.
Shards and splinters--
what was, and what had seemed to be--
tearing a path over and
through us, again and again, reshaping
our lives, scouring our tarnished wisdom.

And it will tell you
that this is the miracle:

that from within the darkness
of quiet uncertainty
and the violence of upheaval

and beautiful
to grow.

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