Friday, 24 May 2013

Perpare to Be Amazed

The wind, sharp and
lively, awake for hours

into windows and doors, growling
at resistant forms, a bully
to the quiet whispers of morning.

The neighbour's dog, excited
at the urgency and maybe
by the news it brings, barks and barks
in circles--
"What? What?
What what what what what!!?"

The trees murmur
in creaks more subdued
but with, I think,
the same question.
Waving and crackling
peeling back
the night sky, they collapse
into each other's arms

while dawn,
unfurling like fire,
rolls over
and over itself.

I stand at the glass
with nothing to offer
but affinity,
a willing heart,
and wonder.

the world comes to us

with such power and orchestration,
such devastating grace.

We need only
open the door.

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