Friday, 15 November 2013

The Word-a-day Writing Challenge

Day Forty-Nine: Cactus

Every rock has a story it whispers to the ocean floor; every seedling speaks of home—the Midwest, the Middle East, Africa, Japan. The new kitten, Siamese and recent, knows this to be true and skulks across the windowsill investigating potted plants, one of which is a cactus and, I would wager, his least favourite thing to have learned about potted plants. All the while, the dog, undeterred by our decision to ignore her, claws and pleads with the bedroom door. Can no one hear me? Don’t you see? I’m stuck! She is bursting with pressing matters, information about potted plants perhaps, or stories from the ocean floor. Maybe she has something important to say about kittens too, one of which is winding himself up in the blinds, dampened soil and tall tales leaving toe prints on the glass. 

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