Monday, 28 October 2013

The Word-a-day Writing Challenge

Day Thirty-Five: Enlivened

The wind,

enlivened by the thought of itself,
dressed sharply and awake for hours now,
hurtles into windows and doors, growling
at corners and bullying
the quiet whispers of morning
into silence.

The neighbour’s dog, excited
be the urgency of it, barks and barks
with torrential fervour—

What! What!

Meanwhile, the trees murmur
in creaks more subdued
but with, I think,
the same question.
Waving and crackling,
peeling back
the night sky, they collapse
into each other’s arms
while dawn,
unfurling like fire,
rolls over
and over itself.

I stand behind the glass
with nothing to offer
but affinity, a beating heart, 
and wonder.

the world comes to us
with such power and orchestration,
such devastating grace.

We need only open the door.

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  1. there are not enough words to describe how much i love you